Repent at Tax Time for a Year of Spending Sins

MP Dunleavey

Every year at this time, because of the inevitable confluence of Easter and tax day, my inner Catholic gets resurrected, big time.

This year’s guilty, post-itemizing revelation: What the hell happened to our budget, and where did all our money go? After vetting our expenses using, one big culprit was clear:

Food in all its forms: groceries, meals, dining out, snacks, coffee, take-out—and the stealth expense that sabotages every budget, lunch.

So we dusted off the Spending Smarter plan, and in 10 minutes—by subtracting our essential expenses from our monthly income—we ended up with a weekly allowance we’re going to stick to.

Do I feel deprived? Sigh…yeah. But when I think about the security better planning and steady savings will give us, I feel rich. And a lot less guilty.


Confess. Where do you tend to go over-budget?