She Knows What Women Want

Renee Greenstein

An interview with Renee Greenstein, designer of the clothing lines Attitudes by Renee and Women with Control, a bestseller on QVC.

What did you do to differentiate you clothing lines from what’s already out there?
Style is all about attitude, not size. I don’t care how big or small a woman is, everyone’s got a little something. That’s why we use the phrase“No more wiggle, no more jiggle.” It gets everyone’s attention. And I have the biggest platform in the world: QVC. Women with Control has grown 50% a year since 2009, and I’m about to launch Attitudes by Renee in the U.S.

What market opportunity inspired you to create your lines?
I looked at how women were frustrated because their clothes didn’t fit their bodies or their lifestyles. I use unique fabric blends: 86% cotton/14% spandex and a two-way stretch twill. You don’t need to wear a shaper underneath it. A magazine editor emailed me that she’d had a bad day, then she got a package from me with pants and a top, and she said the clothes just fit great and made her feel fabulous. That’s all I want to do.


Cop a ’tude. What’s been your most brilliant marketing move?

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