Meet the Emergency Savings Contest Winners!

Saving money is its own reward. But that doesn’t have to be the only reward. 

Three participants in the “It’s an Emergency!” savings challenge set up Mint accounts, and just won a tidy sum for their heroic savings efforts:

Emergency Winner - Melissa

Melissa, a programmer analyst from Lenoir, NC, told us that money was tight: “My husband was out of work over the holidays and our family has had several dental bills this year,” she said. She put about $600 into her emergency fund—which we turned into $1200.

Emergency Winner - Maegan

Maegan, a marketing manager from Houston, Texas, made it to $1,000—and we matched it with another $1,000. “Instead of thinking of saving $1,000, I thought about saving $11 a day,” she said.

Emergency Winner - Holly

Holly, a knitwear designer and administrator from Golden, CO, saved $4,148—and got a $1,000 bonus. “Mint has helped me really see where my money is going. Just getting the weekly summary emails keeps me mindful of where I spend my hard-earned cash.”

Imagine. What could you do with a $1,000 windfall?