April’s Best Buys: Rain Gear, Vacuum Cleaners, and Used Cars

Rainy Day

What do raincoats, vacuum cleaners, and used cars have in common? They’re all on sale this month!


    • April showers bring a once-a-year flood of rain gear to the market, and retailers have to move it quickly. Wade into the store before the sun comes out to find the best prices.


    • If you find yourself tidying up more than usual, you may have a case of spring cleaning. Fortunately, you’ll find deals on all kinds of spring cleaning supplies this month. It’s wise to buy big-ticket items like vacuum cleaners when they’re on sale. Which is now.


    • You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to negotiating used car deals this month, as dealers need to make room for newer inventory. (It’s also National Car Care Month, which can work to your shopping advantage!)


Read online reviews before you go car shopping (we like Consumer Reports). And always have an independent mechanic inspect the vehicle before you sign anything.

Spread the savings. What good deals are you finding this month?

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