Sell Your Friends

DailyWorthCelebrate the success of others. When someone you know — a colleague, a friend, even a professional acquaintance — succeeds in getting what she wants, be a cheerleader. Announce her success on Twitter or Facebook. Good karma. Good business.

We’ll start:

Attention DailyWorth interior decorators, professional and hobbyist alike. Daisy Janie has a new fabric collection, “Urbana.” Daisy Janie’s modern, nature-inspired fabrics are featured in RealSimple and Domino magazines. Visit Oöna Health Inc., founded by Valerie Otto, began as a provider of an all-natural herbal alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy for the relief of menopausal symptoms.

That product was so successful that Oöna has since branched out into other herbal supplements for women, including lines that treat pre-menstrual symptoms and peri-menopause. Oöna’s products are available through natural health food stores, such as Whole Foods, independent pharmacies, and at online stores, such as Galia Gichon, of Down-to-Earth Finance, launches a new Simply Money seminar series in New York City June 1st.

David Ronick, supporter of DailyWorth since our inception, Harvard MBA, and successful entrepreneur, has recently launched a consulting firm UpStart Advisors to support budding entrepreneurs. He also has a blog focused on business planning and venture capital. Hire him to help you start your new venture.

And now for our own horn-tooting … DailyWorth founder Amanda Steinberg is highlighted on today’s Featured Beauty section of the Real Beauty Is. empowers women to feel good about themselves through improving self-esteem, accepting their bodies and defining beauty on their own terms.

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