Do You Really Need That Tough Customer?

Tara Gentile

So how can you avoid unrewarding clients and projects in the first place? I asked my brilliant Twitter friends for their personal red flags:

@sarahjbray knows it's time to run when a potential client says, "It should take no time at all!" You're the business owner, you set the terms of your relationship.

@lisafirke cautions to watch for clients that "can't afford to pay too much." Leave bargain hunters to the big boys. 

@ericacosminsky suggests avoiding those who push your logistical boundaries, e.g. "If you say you can't start until Tuesday and they push you to start sooner."

@meganeckman warns against those who know exactly what they want. It's great to get some direction, but make sure clients value and are open to your expertise.


Fire away. What's your no-go client red flag?

Tara Gentile is the Official Ambassador of the You Economy. You can also find her experimenting with bringing the raw and uncomfortable aspects of earning into mainstream conversation.

Originally published April 26, 2012.

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