Dealing with Supermarket Mystery Meat

Pink Slime

Grilling season kicks off on Memorial Day. But there’s pink slime in the hamburgers!

The idea that you could be eating up to 25% “lean, finely textured beef” (a.k.a. LFTB, a cheap filler made from ammonia-treated beef trimmings) isn’t just gross—it feels like a rip-off.

Here’s how you can avoid the slime, but keep your meat budget in check:

    • Most major supermarket chains (including Kroger, Safeway, and SuperValu) plan to stop selling ground beef containing LFTB. Others (like Wal-Mart) will label it so you can make an informed purchase.


  • Grind your own. Partially freeze some cubed sirloin or chuck (stew meat), and pulse it in your food processor. Or ask someone at your supermarket’s meat counter to do it for you (they will).

If you’re willing to spend more to know where your beef comes from, sign up for a meat CSA, e.g. a regular delivery from a nearby farm (similar to popular produce CSAs). 

Depending on your area, you might pay $5.50-$8.50/lb. for a variety of fresh, local meats. To cut costs, split your share with another family.


Process it. Has the pink slime scandal altered your meat-buying behavior?