Do You Need to Like Your Employees?

Opposite Ideas

Opposites attract. We accept this idea in dating, but in business, too, you need people who balance you out. Just ask these three entrepreneurs.

April Rietjens Sedall, Personal Office Management
“When we realized our more tech-savvy clients wanted help managing their contacts, reworking guest lists for events and the like, we knew we needed someone more tech-savvy to complement our financial skills.” Look to your clients’ needs for opportunities to beef up your business.

Ali Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor
“I love marketing, selling, being out front, and working with clients. When I started, I needed someone who understood numbers to handle the back end. So I hired an assistant—just to do the books—and today she’s my business partner!” Every hire is also a business ally.

Nina Kaufman, Business Lawyer
“Trying to do my own taxes, build my own website, etc., takes me away from what I’m best at, and what can generate money. Cash-strapped solopreneurs are so keen to hang onto every penny, but time lost doing other things can cost you more time and money in the future—especially if you do it wrong.” Money saved can be money lost.  

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