Livin’ the Dream: The Seeker Steps Out

Sarah - Livin the Dream

Hi, my name is Sarah, I have three daughters (3, 6, and 9), and I work part-time designing and selling knitting patterns. But while I’ve had some success—I’ve been published in several magazines, and I’m editing a book of patterns to be published this spring—it’s difficult to make a living doing this. 

I’m just not sure what my next career move should be. Like most moms, I’ve loved working from home. But my kids are in school now, and my husband is feeling the pressure of having been the sole earner for seven years.

I’m so excited to be part of “Livin’ the Dream,” and to work with Ramit Sethi on finding my “dream job.” But as I learned, Ramit isn’t about “finding your passion.” According to his coaching material, I should:

    • Look at the abilities and talents I have already.


    • Explore these and/ or some new skills and abilities by taking a class or two.


    • See what’s out there by talking to people I admire or who are experts at something.


I began by dusting off my resume and thinking about the skills that I’ve put to work consistently over several jobs. I got in touch with a colleague, and I also signed up for a class in graphic design.

During our coaching phone call, I proudly told Ramit about my class and my first informational interview. He promptly challenged me to find five people to talk with—every week

Tracking down 20 strangers a month sounded overwhelming, but Ramit emphasized how important it is for job seekers to make and maintain contacts. He advised me to engage with people in a variety of fields and be open-minded about the type of work I’d pursue.

The bad news is that I haven’t been able to arrange another face-to-face meeting with anyone. But I have a few leads that I’m trying to pin down and I’m pushing myself to engage more actively with people I meet in general.

My biggest lesson: I’m going to have to be proactive and move out of my comfort zone—maybe far out of it—in order to learn about the opportunities that are out there. But at least I’m finally out there looking.

Reach out. What does your ideal job look like?