Post from Cari: Learning to Spend Wisely


The trajectory is blown to hell. I knew it, but I’m finally saying it out loud.

Pre-2008, my husband and I were on that upward path. Based on our education and earnings, we bought a beautiful house, two cars, traveled to far-flung places and indulged in gorgeous home furnishings—all based on a healthy income, and the expectation that things would continue to improve.

The recession hit us hard (my husband is in finance and I’m in media), and now those expectations are in triage. To anyone on the outside, our lives probably seem unchanged, but we’re more cautious. Or perhaps the word is wiser.

Instead of blowing $200 on disposable t-shirts at Target, I’m more inclined to buy a lasting item at Bloomingdale’s. Instead of hiring the pricey local painting crew for a minor fence job, my husband did it himself.

Despite all the froth about frugality these last few years, I wouldn’t say that’s our new mantra. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the downturn, it’s this: How much we earn isn’t as important as to how much we spend. And that we do it wisely.

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Recessionista? How have your spending habits changed during the downturn?