Coping With the Curveballs

Curveball account

You know what makes me feel like a million bucks? My curveball account.

What’s a curveball account—as opposed to an emergency fund, or run-of-the-mill savings?

A) It’s for surprise expenses; B) it’s not for emergencies; C) every girl needs both—and here’s why.

Ideally, you’re saving a small portion of your income each month (say, 5%) for emergencies only: i.e. an illness, death, job loss. The idea is that you never touch that emergency stash.

Your curveball fund is for those pesky, out-of-the-blue events that aren’t quite code red (a tire blows; the dry cleaner loses your best suit; the dog eats a bar of chocolate and has to be medevac-ed to the vet).

How much should you save? That depends on how much can go wrong in your life. Married women with kids, homes, and cars should expect more curveballs than single gals who rent. I save about 5% of my monthly gross (but I worked my way up from 2%—and you can, too).

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