A Bit of Bragging Looks Good on You

Gabby Bernstein

It feels funny to brag—uncomfortable, impolite, even obnoxious. Many women I know tend to downplay their success, even among friends.

This shrinking-violet stuff is nonsense.

Don’t be scared to celebrate your victories out loud. It’s a part of fostering further success—demonstrating your faith in abundance.

When you talk yourself up, you honor your true greatness, and that will change your perceptions around your worth—more than just the financial kind. Plus, bragging among friends can deepen your relationships as you uplift each other and recognize your awesomeness.

Not all kinds of boasting are good. If you’re speaking from a place of insecurity, or showing off, it’s better to listen. But if you’re coming from a place of confidence and joy, brag on, sister!

Brag to unleash your confidence. Brag to share your accomplishments. Brag to motivate us to do the same.

Brag to show that you know your worth.


Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles. For more about Gabby, visit gabbyb.tv.

Come on, Eileen. Brag about something.

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