Marie Forleo’s Digital B-School for Startups

Marie Forleo

Ever tried to build an online business? Not as straightforward as you thought it was going to be, eh?

Before starting DailyWorth, I launched multiple Web properties. Some never made a dime, and others generated a few thousand dollars a month—but I couldn’t make a living off any of them.

Well, hallelujah for Marie Forleo and her eight-week digital training program for entrepreneurs—the Rich Happy & Hot B-School!

If you’re determined to build an online business that actually makes lots of money, Marie can teach you how to:

    • Zero in on which customers are most profitable—practically and emotionally.


    • Build an email list (and learn why every business needs one).


    • Calculate the cost of bringing in a new customer and determine whether your biz is scalable.


Marie is a rock star, and she deserves a day of applause from the entrepreneurial team here at DailyWorth.


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