This Year, Plan for the Camp Gap

Working Mom Playing Basketball

News flash: school ends in June.


It’s time to plan for the Camp Gap—that stretch of time between the last day of school and the first day of camp.

Assuming you can’t dash off to Disney World for three weeks or call Nana, here are some child care options for you to consider now. Right now.


    • High school and college students are out of school when your kids are, and probably looking for extra money. (Hiring hint: experience is more important than age.)


    • Share care with a group of other parents. Many neighborhoods, schools, and parents’ associations have a list serve where you can team up with other parents who need camp gap coverage.


    • Split sitters with another parent, and save a few dollars on the hour. Hint: make arrangements now, because available sitters book up fast.


For help finding a quality care program in your price range, check out Child Care Aware, a respected coalition of child care referral agencies.

Care-less. How are you going to solve the Camp Gap this summer?