Livin’ the Dream: Isabel Finds Her Voice


Like many women, Isabel, 64, was raised to believe bragging was bad manners. But after jumping back into the job market in Tallahassee, FL, recently, she realized that being polite was holding her back.

“I have been told by interviewers that I need to improve when it comes to talking about myself,” she says. And that’s where expert coach Ramit Sethi came in.

After speaking with Ramit, Isabel realized that she needed to reframe her perspective on self-promotion. It’s less about selling yourself, and more about focusing on how you can solve problems.

“The most valuable thing I learned, beyond the need to practice, is that listing my accomplishments isn’t boasting about myself,” Isabel says. “It’s about the needs of the company and the position.”

Isabel’s homework:

  1. Practice interviewing with a friend to improve verbal focus and elaboration skills.
  2. Craft three stories that illustrate how she’s successfully handled business issues in the past.
  3. Spend time preparing for interviews by imagining what potential employers will ask, and what fears they have about the hiring process.

Isabel has already gotten positive feedback from one interviewer after acting on Ramit’s advice. Next, we’ll see how much better she can do with a little coaching and some practice!


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