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Barclaycard ring

What happens when a credit-card company gets creative—even entrepreneurial? A new kind of card emerges: one that’s simple and innovative. One that gives you a say in how it evolves, that even shares some of its profits with you.

That card is Barclaycard Ring.

Barclaycard Ring is a new card with a new idea: that you should have an actual relationship with your credit card company—and your fellow cardmembers.

How’s this for a new idea? Barclaycard Ring is built on an engaged community that works together to make the card even better over time.

Simple actions—like paying on time or going paperless—make the card more profitable. And you get to reap the benefits, thanks to Barclaycard Ring’s ingenious Giveback™ program.

Barclaycard Ring is founded on transparency and simplicity. A variable 8% APR1 (and no, that’s not just the intro rate), no annual fee, and no balance-transfer fees add up to a credit card you can actually … love.

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1. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. See Terms and Conditions for additional details.