Get Through Airport Security Faster


How much do you hate standing barefoot and beltless in an airport security line, waiting to submit to inspection by a “porno scanner”?


Now you can “upgrade” to a new express route through security, bypassing the hassle.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is rolling out a new program called Precheck—designed to divert low-risk passengers out of high-security lanes.


After a one-time background check, you’ll be able to keep your shoes, belt and jacket on, leave your laptops and liquids inside your carry-on bags, and walk through a metal detector rather than a full-body scan (for domestic travel only). 


Right now, there are only two ways to become eligible for Precheck: receive an invite from Delta, American, Alaska, or United Airlines, or US Airways (being a frequent flier helps), or participate in one of these three “trusted traveler” programs:


    • Global Entry ($100) Pre-screened overseas travelers bypass customs forms and the immigration line (using an electronic kiosk instead) when returning home to a major U.S. airport.


    • SENTRI ($122.25) is a program specific to the U.S./Mexico border while NEXUS ($50) is for U.S./ Canadian border crossings. Discount alert: Members have access to all Global Entry kiosks—for no additional charge.


Get in the fast lane. What was your worst airport security experience?