When Your Kids Take You to Work

Renee Sandler

An interview with Renee Sandler, president of Blamtastic, a line of lip balms for tweens and teens that she co-founded with her daughters (Lily, 12, and Melanie, 10).

How did you get the idea for Blamtastic?
In 2007, I read an article about how only 12 Fortune 500 CEOs were women. I was so angry—I actually read it to my daughters and said that if they ever had an idea for a business, I would support them 100%. Soon after, Lily had a slip of the tongue and called her lip balm “lip blam.” I thought, “Blam would be a great name.”

We started researching ingredients and cooking up lip balms for fun. Now we export to three countries and we’re set to generate $500,000 in revenue this year—and that’s just what’s in the pipeline.

How did you involve your daughters? 
From the beginning, it was truly their baby. They came up with every flavor, and they’re involved in every aspect of product design and concepts. It’s crazy, but here my kids were, nine and 10, showing up at trade shows and pitching a product to grown-ups. I temper it, though: they have to be kids first and CEOs second.

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Kids incorporated. Have you ever involved your kids in your business?

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