Wowsa Gifts for Dad Under $45

Mom is happy with brunch and flowers, but buying gifts for Dad’s Day can be such a pain. Most of the stuff he really wants is beyond reach (in-ground pool, Porsche Boxter), or he’s gotten it already (power tools, 45-inch flat screen). Luckily, we’ve nailed a few cool items that will show your undying love and respect. 


Beer o clock gift set


Beer O’Clock Gift Set ($15.99, Perpetual Kid): Help Dad put his years of beer appreciation to the test with this gift set, which includes quiz cards, a bottle opener, and tasting notes.

Wood Hand Cream


Portland General Store Hand Cream ($16, Terrain): Just because he can put together a tree house doesn’t mean he enjoys calluses. This wood-scented cream makes moisturizing masculine (for once).

Handy Dad Book


Handy Dad ($15, Uncommon Goods):With all of the technology around us, it’s hard for new dads not to default to an afternoon of video games with the kids. This book provides 25 hands-on projects for kids and dads to work on together.

Bottle Opener Toolset


Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers ($24, Uncommon Goods): Your father gave you your first sip of beer and your first tool kit. Honor those milestones efficiently with bottle openers that look like tools.

Grady's Brew


Grady’s Cold Brew (2 bottles for $45, Grady’s): He’s sipped six cups a day since the Carter Administration, but you can still knock his socks off with this home-brewed New Orleans-style coffee concentrate. Perfect for a summer morning (or afternoon).


Tis better to give. What’s the best gift you ever gave for Father’s Day?