A Sweet Retreat

Wellness getaways

You hate to admit it, but vacations can be stressful. To get more from your next getaway, try a small-group escape that melds luxury, culture, and fitness—the perfect investment in total well-being.


Escape to Shape


Escape to Shape offers luxe all-in-one getaways around the globe—from Colombia to Istanbul. Revel in gorgeous hotels, amazing local cuisine, awesome fitness options (Pilates, biking)—and excursions that eschew tourist traps in favor of authentic experiences (mud treatments in a volcano, anyone?). Trip prices start around $3,500 per person.



Pravassa acts as your “wellness concierge” on yoga-centric eco-retreats to lush locales like Puerto Rico and Bali. Meditate in forests, sink into Vinyasa classes, and sunbathe on quiet beaches. Packages range from about $1,100 to $4,000.


Getting away should always feel this good.

Power Point
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Two tickets to paradise. What’s the most relaxing vacation you’ve ever had?

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