Know Your Biology, Gain Inner Peace


Europe is in an ugly mess and that jobs report the other day made you want to flee to some nice Nordic country that still has jobs and benefits. (Habla Swedish?)

We have a better idea.


First, consider: the male response to stress is “fight or flight” (because they’re more testosterone-driven). But women have a smarter, less aggressive set of reflexes they can tap.

Unfortunately, because lab rats come up with these names, the woman’s reflex goes by “tend and befriend,” which sounds like you’re going to have a sewing party.

In reality, reaching out on the home front, doing what you can to make life better and bring loved ones closer can be a powerful antidote to money stress.

Call a friend who gets you. Put a cute note in your kid’s lunch box (or your husband’s back pocket). Transfer $20 into savings or make a teeny extra payment toward your debt. Claim a small victory.

The dividend is a sense of calm—and being able to think clearly and make better decisions about what’s important to you. And you can do that right now.


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