Personal Finance Videos You’ll Actually Want to Watch

Talk to Chuck - Video Still

Watching financial services videos isn’t always a top priority. Three minutes on stable value funds. Where’s the vacuum cleaner?

So we’re thrilled to report that money videos will never be the same, thanks to a cheeky new series from Charles Schwab, entitled, “Oh Chuck! I Blew My Cash.”

These one-minute videos show hipsters confessing stupid splurges to company founder and CEO Charles Schwab, a.k.a. Chuck, himself. (Quite the handsome gent, by the way. Who knew?)

In one spot, a guy orders a $50 burger from room service. Another guy has amassed 90 pairs of sneakers.

And then there’s Annie, who went nuts at a Renaissance fair and bought $200 worth of animal masks (three cheers to the writer who avoided the handbag cliché!).

In each case, Chuck listens, shakes his head, and offers a single, solid message: Why don’t you save that money? Do you know how much it would grow?

Exactly. You can open a Schwab account, or Fidelity, Vanguard, E*TRADE—or add to the accounts you have—we don’t care.

But listen to Chuck. 

(For the record, Schwab isn’t paying us to feature these videos—we just like ’em!)

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Do the savings sweep! This classic DailyWorth exercise is best done spontaneously. As in, now. Directions: 1) Log onto bank. 2) Transfer a bit o’ money to savings. Done!


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