Three Budget-Happy Summer Outings


In case you want to do more this summer than eat crushed ice in front of a fan, here are some ways to enjoy classic summer outings without scorching your wallet.


Even the nosebleed seats at a Major League game can cost $30 a pop—damn Yankees. Try a Minor League game instead: there are more than 160 teams, with tickets maxing out around $8. (Or check out FanSnap to score deals on Major League tix.)


Amusement parks!
You can blow a holiday-size budget on one day at a big park. Get a cheaper thrill at a county fair. With tickets about $10, you can ride the Ferris wheel, scarf down a funnel cake, and leave with your budget intact. (Bonus: the nostalgia factor.)


The big family trip!
Forget the flight-hotel-rental car trifecta. Save on a memorable trip with old-school sensibility—or slash your lodging costs with a home swap instead of a hotel.


Live free or die. Tell us about your fave summer freebies—plays? concerts? festivals?—and other cheap thrills.