Don’t Sweat Your Warm-Weather Wardrobe

Summer brings out the softer side of your wardrobe, but sometimes you need to power up without wearing a suit.


The solution? Find creative ways to add structure, says Kristin Booker, freelance stylist and editor of




A shirtdress is both structured and comfortable, with a flattering throwback silhouette that looks straight off the set of “Mad Men.”

Maxi Dress


Enjoy the comfort of a maxi dress, but wear it with a shrunken blazer that hits just above the hip.

Short Suit


If being a tad trendy will work at your office, try one of the new short suits for a cool and confident look.

lightweight vest


Another option is to add a long (but lightweight) vest to a simple blouse-skirt combo. “A vest can add the same punch as a blazer, but without being too heavy,” says Booker.


Power Point
Your summer power look needs a power shoe—and Booker’s go-to is the slingback. It’s office-worthy, but the open heel is more comfortable and stylish in hot weather.


Rev up. How do you create a cool look when temps climb?