Getting Greedy with My Savings

Katie Karlson

I’m moving this summer—a shockingly expensive endeavor. So I dumped my tax return into savings, and I’ve doubled my monthly auto-transfer to savings. (Go me!)

But I’ve struck an unexpected problem: I don’t want to part with all that cash.

Over the past few months, my aggressive saving has become a source of pride. I’ve watched the balance grow and I feel accomplished. Responsible. Safe.

But soon, I’ll be back to zero. And even though that’s way better than, you know, not having the cash at all, my inner Scrooge McDuck doesn’t want to let go of all those pretty green bills. Ever.

Obviously, I will spend them. Then I’ll build my savings back up, and everything will be just fine. (Totally, 100% fine. Right? Deep breath.)

In the meantime, I have to get over my attachment to my cash … or I might one day end up on an A&E spinoff called Hoarders: People Who Are Weird About Money.

Out of the Box
“No money is better spent than what is laid out for domestic satisfaction.” —Samuel Johnson


Loosen that fist. How do you feel when it’s time to spend the cash you’ve saved for a goal?