Look Wine-Smart This Summer

Rose in Wine Glasses

Wine should be relaxing—yet choosing wine (especially for your picky friend’s soiree) can be stressful. Remember that time you showed up with a double-wide of Gato Negro?


Here’s an idea that will upgrade your wine profile without compromising your paycheck.


Go rosé!


Ditch the visions of your aunt’s pink Zinfandel in a plastic cup with an ice cube. Real rosé is a crisp quencher that’s sure to impress the Sauvignon Blanc snobs. 


“It’s the perfect combination of crisp and cool, like a white, and flavorful like a red,” says Mark Censits, owner of CoolVines wine shop. “Rose goes well with almost any food, particularly lighter summer dishes.” Plus, you can find a great bottle for under $15. Now that’s refreshing.


Censits recommends a classic style from Provence. Pick a recent vintage (2011 or 2012).


Out of the Box
Not an oenophile? Whip up tasty, refreshing nonalcoholic drinks (spritzers, punches, virgin cocktails) perfect for any summer party.


Clink! Do you spend more on drinks during the summer?

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