Navigating the New Economy

Tara and Amanda

The new normal. The new economy. Whatever you want to call it, business ain’t what it used to be

Life as an entrepreneur in 2012 has little resemblance to the “order-taking” flood of opportunity of the late 90s. We’re hustling, closing deals however we can, and always asking how we can evolve or shift to thrive in these unpredictable markets. 

And that’s good news.

“Good news,” you ask? Yes, there’s a bright side to this new, newness of it all. We get to reinvent business, define profits on our terms, break down norms, and reinvent what success really means.

    • Throw out the rules. Ignorance is bliss in innovation.


    • Forget career paths. Commit to your purpose and seek the projects that enable you to live it.


    • Look for the win-win. Create value in human terms. 


Join me next Monday night at 8pm EST as I co-host a special virtual event with Tara Gentile, called “Navigating the New Economy.” 

We’ll talk about how you—the modern entrepreneur—can operate successfully in today’s unique world of business challenges and opportunities.

The event is free and you’re invited. Click here to get the details and RSVP. Follow along at #YouEconomy.

Find North. How are you navigating your business through the new economy?

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