Investing in Your Hair Can Yield Great Returns

Margaret Van Sicklen

by Margaret Van Sicklen of Modern Paper Crafts, as told to Katie Karlson

Hair might seem frivolous, but I think it’s important—I mean, it’s around your face; there’s no ignoring it. I absolutely believe it’s something to invest in. 

I was always a white-blonde California beach bum: my hair was easy. But eventually it got darker, so I started lightening it.

Coloring creeps up on you: I used to do it just around the holidays for a boost. But come February, I’d feel drab. Now I highlight it four times a year, at $115 a pop plus a $20 tip. 

Of course, everything starts with a great haircut. I’ve had some bad experiences—once I got a shaggy style at a beauty school that made me look like a crazy artichoke. Never again!

Now I spend $650 a year on good cuts. (I don’t even know how much I spend on the six bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my shower, or the shelf packed with Redken, Kiehl’s, and Aveda styling products.)

When my hair looks good, I feel ready to charge ahead. I like a polished look—my hair is like a good accessory that defines my style.

I’m a bit of a junkie, I know. But my hair is worth it to me.


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Only 7% of women in the U.S. say they love their hair, according to a 2011 survey of 1,000 women conducted by Dove.

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