Your 2.0 Marketing Plan

Social Marketing

Old-style marketing: Hire a pro to “build your brand” and “position” your product.

Marketing 2.0: Leverage superplatforms to tap into massive, growing audiences to find dependable streams of new customers.

In other words, learn to be a “growth hacker.”

Entrepreneur Andrew Chen explained this phenomenon better than anyone when he called out the viral expansion of home rental service Airbnb as a powerful example of this new marketing trend.

Airbnb’s team knew that many potential customers were searching for rentals on Craigslist. So they created a “Post to Craigslist” feature that let Airbnb hosts easily put their listing on Craigslist, while linking back to the hosts’ Airbnb booking pages.

Airbnb hosts gained access to about 50 million more eyeballs for their rentals. And Airbnb itself watched traffic (and name recognition) soar.

Could you leverage an existing “superplatform” like Craigslist, Amazon, Groupon, Twitter and Facebook to grow your own audience?

Superplatforms are central to every digital marketer's strategy, and growth hacking, a blend of engineering and marketing, is how modern marketers scale their businesses.


Go viral. Which platforms are your best traffic generators?

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