Should He Be as Worried as I Am?

Jenna Reed

I worry about money. A lot. And even when I’m not worrying, I’m probably still thinking about it. 

My boyfriend, on the other hand, does not worry nearly as much as I do. If I’m in a twist about finances, his typical response is, “Don’t worry, honey. It’ll be fine.”

He intends to be reassuring, but it’s infuriating. It feels like he’s shrugging off my concerns. I bet it’s easy to feel like everything’s going to be fine when you have a girlfriend like me sweating the details

But here’s the thing: we’re not destitute. We work hard. We pay our bills. We chip away at our debt. We save for retirement. We’re not going to end up “in a van down by the river.” 

So why do I want him to worry? If he worries, too, will we both get raises? If he worries, will the economy improve? Yeah, no.

It might just be that misery wants validation. I want him with me, in the trenches, slogging through the financial crap. 

Or maybe I don’t. How many neurotics does one apartment need? Maybe our little dance is actually a form of…balance.

Out of the Box
According to Financial Finesse Reports, I’m not alone. 30% of women surveyed experience high financial anxiety, compared to only 17% of men.

Fret train. Do you ever feel like your mate doesn’t get your money woes?