How Hormones Can Sabotage Your Spending

human mindYou may be “lucky” enough to notice some hormone-related changes to your attitude once every 28 days or so. But did you know that the same hormones that regulate your cycle also act on your brain every day, affecting the way you think, act—and shop? That chemical drip can make you extra vulnerable to shopping urges, says Louann Brizendine, Ph.D., an expert in female physiology and bestselling author of The Female Brain.There are two times in particular when you’re apt to get spendy:

  • Around ovulation (about 12 days in), you may find yourself feeling a little more flirtatious, Brizendine says  “During that time, you could also find yourself drawn to buying clothes or makeup that make you look sassier.” (Does this explain the 17 lipsticks you own?)
  • During the fourth week of your cycle (right before your period), many women crave comfort—and find it by browsing in stores or online. But although you may succeed in distracting yourself from menstrual moodiness, Brizendine says, you might want to stick to yoga.

Bottom line: if you’re feeling financially frisky, it could be your hormones singing their song. Once you know the tune, you can do a better job of tuning it out.

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