For Richer or Poorer

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No matter how much you beg, plead, or (admit it) scream, your mate just doesn’t seem to get it: without a financial plan—preferably your plan—you’re headed for a train wreck.

Sound painfully familiar? That’s why we’re about to launch…


The Money Fix, Season 4: For Richer or Poorer, LIVE on DailyWorth starting Tuesday!

Three brave couples have taken their remaining shreds of patience and committed to two sessions with nationally known psychologists who specialize in love and money—Drs. Barbara Nusbaum and Brad Klontz.

Over the next three weeks, you’ll get to watch Rita and Brian, Virgen and Jesus, and Michelle and Brad as they transform from foot-stomping, finger-pointing spouses into cohesive couples with a financial clue.

Plus, the therapists have agreed to share their unique advice for each couple, right here on DailyWorth—so you and your mate can (we hope) get the benefit of some of that Ph.D. wisdom.

Just say, I do, and stay tuned.

Out of the Box
Over 300 DailyWorth readers and their partners applied for this season of the Money Fix. The most common complaint was a sense of unfairness in money-managing responsibilities.


Talk Openly
Good communication is the hallmark of a healthy relationship—that goes for your credit card company, too. Apply for a Barclaycard Ring MasterCard today and open up to a card that’s honest and transparent.



To have and to hold. How’s the financial side of your relationship?

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