How ImpulseSave Can Help You Get a Grip

impulse save

Impulse shoppers of the world, have we got an idea for you! ImpulseSave is an app that lets you channel your urge to spend into a more constructive (but still gratifying) impulse: saving.

Turns out that impulse saving taps into the same part of your brain as impulse buying. Really. Here’s how it works: You spot a <thing> while you’re out shopping. You cradle it in your hands and start justifying the expense in your head. (“This is awesome! And it’s only $18.99!”) But instead of buying it, you whip out your phone and use the app to transfer $18.99 from your checking account into a special savings fund. One with a name like “Christmas in Bermuda.” You toss the <thing> and rejoice in the dopamine glow of having impulsively paid for a portion of your hot winter week on the beach. (Or your retirement RV, if that’s what gets your blood up.)

ImpulseSave is a commitment—you’ll have to apply for a savings account at Leader Bank (it’s reputable and FDIC insured; we checked)—but instant-gratification addicts can get started inside of 10 minutes.  Besides, a little commitment goes a long way when it comes to building wealth.

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