A Reason to Invest in Women

  • By DailyWorth Team
  • July 11, 2012

Business Woman

What is it about women these days? In March, we made the cover of TIME, as “The Richer Sex”; then a fiery “Atlantic” feature last month explored whether women can “have it all.”

What’s up?

If there’s a secret weapon in this economy, it’s us.

Ambitious, accomplished women are taking the spotlight because of the strengths we bring to the companies we work for, because we launch more companies than men, because of the wealth we’re building (as well as inheriting).

So although it’s easy to focus on the sad fact that about 98% of C-suite occupants are male, let’s reframe this moment as an ideal time to invest in women.

Never mind that women are striding ahead of men in terms of college degrees and some advanced degrees. Women are a vital, profitable influence on the enterprises they join right now—and we spread the wealth.

In fact, studies show that companies with more women at the top not only perform better; they are also more socially responsible, giving more to causes and charities than companies with fewer womenWhen you support, mentor, promote, or champion women and women-led businesses, the economic benefits ripple outward.

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Lend a hand. How do you invest in women in your life or in your work?