How To Rack Up Serious Miles

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We can’t tell you which travel credit card is best for you. (Sorry, we have a word count to stick to.)

 But we can help you rack up more points—on any card—with one easy trick.

 If you haven’t been chasing miles until now, you’re probably used to using a single card, or putting big buys on the card with the lowest APR.

 Stop doing that.

 Instead, start using different cards for different purchases, to maximize the miles or points on each card.

 Some cards offer perks for spending in certain categories, like groceries, gas, or restaurants. Some offer great mileage deals. Know which is which in your wallet so you can always select the right card for the job.

  • Chase Sapphire offers double points on restaurants and travel expenses (including airlines, gas, and cabs).
  • With the AmEx Gold Card, you’ll earn double points on travel bookings and up to 10x points at certain retailers.
  • Look for online shopping portals on your card’s website that will net you more points just for shopping at the stores you already love.

 To minimize the time you spend managing all those miles you’re earning, try They’ll keep track of miles and expiration dates—all in one place.

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