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Twitter Wireframe

Original Twitter Concept | Photo Source: jackdorsey’s photostream on Flickr

Apparently, there’s this thing called a website and your business needs one. Here are a few ways to build a great site at minimal expense.

    • Your designer will love you if you give him or her wireframes. A wireframe is a black-and-white diagram that shows how you want your graphics and content to fall on each page.

      You can create your own wireframes in Word or PowerPoint or you can even draw them on printer paper. Bonus: Sketching your own wireframes, even really messy ones with zero artistic nuance, will save you serious time and therefore cash.


    • Don’t know any graphic designers? Browse or (Freelance designers typically charge between $25 and $75 per hour.)
    • Don’t want to pay for custom design just yet? Try using a professional template from OpenDesigns (free), ThemeForest (under $50 per template), or IMCreator (free templates and hosting with custom URL costs about $100 per year).


  • For code, try PSD2HTML (DailyWorth’s go-to) and HTMLBurger. (Pages coded for under $250 apiece.) If that doesn’t get you far enough, you can find freelance developers on

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