You’re So Vain

Vanity Mirror

‘Fess up: you’re a little vain. Maybe you secretly adore your dazzling eyes or the way your butt looks in that new swimsuit. Maybe when you’re alone, you flex in the mirror because your biceps rival Michelle Obama’s.

Hey, humans are preening creatures. But if you can be in love with your own full lips, you can (and should) be vain about your money, too.

You work hard at making smart money choices—because, let’s face it, this stuff isn’t always easy. Yet you’re probably not giving yourself the credit you deserve.

You should. Look in the mirror, turn around, give your financial skill (or strivings) an admiring glance. This will reinforce all those wise moves you’re making. And that confidence will lead to even more smart money choices. Hello, momentum!

So mull it over: What’s your private source of financial pride?

    • Maybe you recently upped your 401k contributions.
    • Or you’re the sympathetic money adviser to your pals.
  • Or you haven’t paid full price, for anything, since 2001.

Whatever it is, go ahead and be a little vain about it. You’ve earned it.

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