Get Ready for Platinum

Credit Cards and Cash

You boosted your credit score—and you want to upgrade to a credit card with actual… whaddya call them? Perks.

Higher-end cards typically offer features like cash back, airline miles, and lower interest rates. How do you know you’re ready for platinum

    • Great credit alone won’t cut it. A premium card requires a credit score in the mid-700s. Buuuut that’s not enough. Card companies want you to have a stable job with higher-than-average income—and they want to see that you have a history of charging a lot (and paying on time), says credit expert Erica Sandberg.


    • Make sure the fee is worth it. A lot of premium cards come with annual fees ranging from $15 to $300. “Weigh the fee against the services you’re apt to use before you apply,” says Sandberg. Fly often? A card that gives you access to cushy airport lounges might be worth it. Do the math.


  • Get one you’ll actually use. Start by checking out Credit Card Guide’s free CardMatch tool, or search cards according to your credit score range on Says Sandberg: “It’s not worth it to get a card that’s irrelevant to your life.”

Out of the Box
If you get turned down for a platinum card, don’t sweat the hit to your credit: inquiries only account for 10% of your score, Sandberg says. (Just don’t apply 10 times in a row.)


Bling. Do you use premium credit cards?

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