Do I Have Your Attention?

Joanne Wilson

Joanne Wilson

Photo by Jessica Wilson

Joanne Wilson, angel investor in more than 15 women-owned businesses (including DailyWorth), has some quick advice for anyone who doesn’t want to fail:


As an entrepreneur, you’re blessed with a smorgasbord of to-dos, from sales to accounting to branding to trademarks (oh, my!). All feel important. And they are, but only in the context of having a business that makes money.

Are you focused on the most impactful (by which we mean “revenue-generating”) part of your business? Here’s how you know:

    • You can articulate the characteristics that define your ideal customer and how you’re solving his/her problem.


    • You work methodically to solve that problem, and your customer is excited to pay you for this product or service.


    • You’re interested in how to simply and repeatedly deliver this service—to increase efficiency and maximize profits.


Focus often looks like working on mundane, repeatable tasks, and that’s the hardest part. Focus isn’t sexy. But then again, neither is failure.

Snap snap. Are you focused on the right area of your business?

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