You’re Stock-Savvy, After All

cultivateAre you managing your investments, or merely hoping your portfolio manager/father/husband/boyfriend has your best interests in mind? Turns out, you might be the best one for the job.


Several studies have shown than women are consistently better investors than men, mostly because we seek balance in our portfolios with stocks of companies we can understand and pick security over risk. Women also do more research, trade less frequently and dump losing stocks quicker than men do.


So what should you invest in? As renowned stock picker Peter Lynch used to preach, pick stocks of companies you know. Do you get your staples at Costco? Buy all your books on Amazon? Trust Whole Foods Market? Couldn’t live without your iPhone? Start there. Read more in this Wall Street Journal article posted on Mother’s Day: For Mother’s Day, Give Her Reins to the Portfolio


Good Morning, New Members   We were thrilled to wake up this morning to 50 (!) new DailyWorth members thanks to this blog post by Jena of Modish Biz Tips. Jena, thanks for digging out and posting some of our earliest DailyWorths — we love revisiting the old stuff.  


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