Put Your Money Where the Women Are

Business Woman

Equities, bonds, cash, and…women?

Right now gender doesn’t loom large in most asset allocation strategies, but some people are saying it should.

That’s because several studies suggest that having women at the helm of a company may aid its long-term growth.

A few financial firms have created new initiatives—as well as actual investing products—based around women-owned, women-led, and otherwise female-friendly corporations.

  • Motif Investing offers the “No Glass Ceilings” motif—invest in 20 women-led companies for a $9.95 total commission.

As Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton said last fall: “To achieve the economic expansion we all seek—we need to unlock a vital source of growth … That vital source of growth is women.”

Power Point

Women also seem to possess smarter investing instincts, Louann Lofton asserts in “Warren Buffet Invests Like a Girl.”

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