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I have undergrad loans. I have graduate loans. I have federal loans and private loans. I’ve been on deferment plans and aggressive payment plans.

But I’ve never seen anything like SmarterBank.

I used to feel overwhelmed by my debt—stuck. But once I realized that feeling frustrated was a choice, I was so over it.

So I changed my ways. Now, I jump at any opportunity to take control and pay down my debt in a faster, simpler way. That’s what SmarterBank does.

I registered for SmarterBucks rewards, opened an online checking account with SmarterBank, and linked up a loan.

Not only do I earn rewards when I use my SmarterBank Visa® Debit card (cha-ching), they go straight to helping pay my loan. Talk about the best kind of “set it and forget it”!

Plus, my SmarterBank account comes with 40,000 free ATMs nationwide, free online banking and bill pay—even the opportunity to earn bonus rewards by shopping online with my fave merchants.

Don’t have student debt? (Lucky.) Pass this along to someone who does!

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Open a SmarterBank account today and start paying down your student loans in a faster, smarter, easier way.

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