Enjoy the Outdoors—Really

The Resort at Paws Up

Photo Source: The Resort at Paws Up

Imagine all the things you like about camping. All two of them: fresh air and gorgeous hikes.

Now add an outdoor shower, luxurious tents or cabins, chef-prepared meals, maybe even a butler.

It’s called “glamping”—where camping gets a facelift (and someone else makes the s’mores).

No more mosquito-swatting as a nighttime sport, no more waking up with a crick in your neck, thanks to your non-Posturpedic sleeping bag.

And you can find deluxe camping resorts throughout the U.S., at a range of prices.

    • At El Capitan Canyon, near Santa Barbara, CA, you can enjoy a weekend Family Picnic package (including some meals and ocean views) on their sprawling, 300-acre nature preserve—for just $375.


  • Feel like splurging? At PawsUp in Montana, deluxe one-bedroom tents (with a bathroom and heated floors) start at about $1,500 per night—meals and activities included.

Ahhh, the perfect marriage of Mother Nature and modern life.

Campfire tales. What do you love/hate about camping?