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Hello, it’s MONDAY. What do you need most? Here’s today’s must-know events in the economy and elsewhere.

    • Time to forgive people’s debts? Economists just released a provocative study arguing that forgiving and restructuring private debt could revive our economy. But then what would Congress bicker about?


    • Women’s Olympic trials. Just as Saudi Arabia finally gets two female athletes into the Olympics, their judo competitor may lose her spot—because of her hijab (head scarf)? Saudi officials to kick box Olympic committee later this week.


    • Big banker’s change of heart. In the late 1990s, Sanford Weill helped to kill the Glass-Steagall act, enabling retail banks to become investment banks. Now he takes it alllllll back. While he’s at it, can we have back all the billions that bankers lost?


  • [email protected]#%! She got a book deal! Emma Koenig, creator of the popular hand-written blog you’ve never heard of, “F***! I’m in my 20s!” just landed a book deal, is working on a movie deal, and finally moved out of mom’s house to live with brand-new boyfriend. Stand by for copycats.

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