How to Max Your A.M. Energy

Laura Vanderkam

Whenever you read about powerhouse people, they always seem to have some kind of annoying pre-dawn routine.

Turns out those early birds are onto something, according to Laura Vanderkam’s snappy new e-book, “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.”

    • Morning energy is better energy. In the A.M., you have a greater store of willpower to get things done, studies show. As the day wears on, juggling life’s distractions literally diminishes your capacity to be productive, Vanderkam writes.


    • Morning is good for heavy lifting. Successful folks don’t greet the dawn so they can putter around, Vanderkam found. They use the A.M. to nurture their careers, their relationships, themselves.


  • You can convert. Set the bar low, at first, Vanderkam says. Get up 15 minutes earlier (not at dawn). Aim for a leisurely stretch or plan some fun with the kids (or alone time). Set up a pre-commitment, like meeting a friend or a trainer.

    According to one exec, who trained herself to skip the A.M. email blitz and focus on bigger goals, “I can accomplish more before breakfast than I used to do in a day. Maybe not quite, but I am checking long-standing things off my to-do list.”


Out of the Box
Spend your time wisely. If you work 50 hours a week and sleep 56 (eight hours a night), you still have 62 hours per week, says Laura Vanderkam. Where do they go? Tracking your hours will help you make smarter time choices, she says.


Wake-up call. What makes you more productive?

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