Why I Buy, and Buy Again

Etsy - The Lazy Shoe Zen

The Lazy Shoe Zen | Photo Source: leonardparker1’s Etsy shop

A few weeks ago, I caved in to a summer sale, and bought a pair of dark-blue Converse slip-ons I’d been coveting.

Apparently I had no clue that I owned two other pairs of sneakers—both dark-blue as well.

Call the style police—I’m a repeat offender, the type of woman who likes to buy new things…that strangely resemble her old things.

I don’t buy repeats of jeans, blazers, regular shoes, boots, or handbags. But I have bought suspiciously similar black cardigans (3); black long-sleeve t-shirts (4); black pants (3) —is there a pattern here?—and sandals (786 pairs).

When I told this to a pal, she shrugged. “Maybe buying repeats means you’ve found your style.”

Um, I don’t think being drawn compulsively to the same boring items counts as fashion sense. Clearly, I need to organize my stuff, so I know what I have–and don’t buy more of it.

Etsy (of course) has the coolest array of shoe caddies I’ve ever seen, from lazy to functional to deluxe. And you can’t beat the Container Store for basics.

Awareness, as they say, is the first step to recovery. Just writing this helped me avoid buying a pair of Keen’s the other day. (Yes—dark blue.)


Out of the Box
Penny Gold apparently set a world’s record for owning the most pairs of Converse sneakers: 733. Gulp! Don’t let me go there. That’s about $15,000 worth of sneaks, Gold says.