U.S. Olympic Gals Go for the Gold

US Olympics - women gold medalists

It’s got to be a first: At the 2012 Olympics, U.S. women won more gold medals than men—29 versus men’s 17.

They also won more medals overall: 58 total for U.S. women versus 45 for men, according to the Bleacher Report, a leading sports site.

It’s thrilling, wonderful, and shocking.

You could point to the ripple effect of Title IX ( celebrating its 40th anniversary this year), to the growth of female leaders (add one for Yahoo), to the feminist shift sparked decades ago—to (who knows) the rise of organic produce.

As the pomp and fireworks of London die down, savor the gold of these beautiful, powerful female athletes of ours.

They are living (sprinting, vaulting, diving, flying) examples of what we all can do, of what can happen when we tap our strengths and skills—of dreams our foremothers never knew would come true.

Glow. Which athlete did you find most inspiring?