Vacation Makes Your Biz Better

Amanda Steinberg

Confession: As a career-preneur, I rarely take a vacation. I travel constantly, but I’m always working. And it’s bad—for me and for my business. I’m writing this as much for you as a declaration for myself.

In the few times I’ve successfully left my iPhone and deliverables behind, I’m reminded:


    • Relaxed leaders make better leaders. Your clients, employees will like you better when you’re less high- strung, better able to listen, focus, respond.


    • Vacation forces you to systematize work and delegate. While you like to think your business can’t survive without you (because you’re just so awesome)—truth is, it can. You have lots of competent people in your midst. Rely on them.

      Be honest: If you really are a solopreneur, that September 10th deadline could become a September 20th deadline, and the world would not end. Just set expectations early.


  • It’s all about planning. Warn your work community two weeks in advance that you’ll be unreachable (colleagues, clients, networks). Give clear instructions in your Out of Office email about when you’re leaving, when you’re back, and how people can get help in your absence.


Remember, you’re the most important asset in your business. If you’re not healthy and happy, you’re probably not doing your best work.


Take off. When was the last time you gave yourself a real break from work?

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