SELF-DailyWorth Survey on Women’s Fears

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When SELF approached DailyWorth to do a survey about women’s money fears, we didn’t expect jaw-dropping results.

After all, most people are worried about money, right?

But most of the 1,200 women surveyed aren’t just concerned about their finances (mainly about saving for emergencies and retirement). Their fears are getting in their way.

    • Only 8.5% say they’re “hardly ever” anxious about bills and financial matters.


  • And 77% say that money worries prevent them from living life to the fullest.

Holy Xanax, Batgirl.

For quick tips on reducing money stress, catch the feature in September SELF, now online and on newsstands. (It includes our nifty Save to Spend budget.)

Then take a break and make a date with your most supportive pal. Why?

Because despite the prevalence of money worries in women’s lives, 37% admit they don’t really discuss money with friends.

Yet when you consider how good you feel when your closest girls listen to you and say, “Yeah, wow, totally”—imagine what that could do for your financial sanity.

Hint: Peace of mind (and financial progress) are just an email forward away.


Out of the Box
There are good reasons why women are worried: 71% don’t have a three-month emergency stash, and 42% say saving isn’t really a priority because they’re “just getting by” right now.


Open up. Money is about so much more than mere cash. What thoughts would you share with a pal?

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