Start Planning Next Summer Now

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Studies show that it’s not just your vacation time that makes you happy—it’s all the anticipation beforehand.

Lesson: Ditch those end-o’-summer blues by planning your next getaway(s) now.


    • Think out loud. Where have you always wanted to go? Where would you go right now if you could? Start pricing tickets and hotel options. Remember, you’ve got months to budget and save.


    • Be strategic. Once you have a sense of what your base costs will be, make it real


    • Set up automatic transfers to a designated vacay account, or set up a vacation goal with ImpulseSave, which combines weekly auto transfers with the ability to spontaneously save each time you resist the urge to impulsively spend.


Even if your plans change by next year, you’ll have built a sizable fund that’s all about summer fun.

Keep saving. Spend wisely. Repeat.


Out of the Box
Mint’s Goals feature can help you keep track of your progress (and give you something to look forward to, every time you log in).


Make it happen. What do you want to do for your next vacation?

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